Citizen Listening

Listening to citizens is crucial in developing better safeguards for digital human rights in society.


Listening to citizens: (NL) VERTEL ME ALLES - 17 juli 2023

Tijdens VERTEL ME ALLES gaat Alexander Scholtes in gesprek met vertegenwoordigers van organisaties in de stad, burgers en gebruikers om zich te laten inspireren over het belang van betere waarborgen van digital rights, digitale mensenrechten voor alle Amsterdammers. 

Listening to citizens: Input for our research initiative Helpdesk for digital human rights for citizens

We are growing our team.

Listening to citizens: Input for our State of Digital Rights initiative

We are growing our team.

Listening to citizens: Input for developing algorithm registers further

Currently we are researching involving citizens in the further development of algorithm registers.


Session @ Digital Rights House in Amsterdam

12 April 2023, Amsterdam

Great fun! Lina, member of the research team, led a nice session on 'Facilitating citizen participation through algorithmic transparency'. Want to know more about this case study on the city of amsterdam? Please feel free to contact us.

I am curious!

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