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"We need a better foundation of our digital rights in society."

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Digital Rights House 'CityShare' Berlin edition

The next CityShare will take place in the coming months in Berlin. If you are interested to know more feel free to reach out.

Digital Rights Discussion - My Health

The discussion on ‘digital rights’ also when it concerns your health, needs to take place now more than ever. What is happening with all that ‘person data’ that is collected now in times of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)!

What is Digital Rights Cinema?

When you think movies, films, documentaries, video, animation, stop motion, podcasts ... What would the perfect playlist be to stimulate thinking on digital rights issues?

Digital Rights Discussion - Digital Twin

Who owns the (data) of the digital twin of you?

Digital Rights Experience

We are developing the concept of Digital Rights Experience.

Digital Rights Art

This time needs art. Do you want to make your voice heard?

Tooling for Humans

What tooling do individuals have when it comes to their 'digital rights'? A research project is underway to create an overview over tooling.

Stay safe! and please stand up for human rights, especially now!

Digital Rights Dinner

During the dinner multiple short discussions took place on the topic of what are our rights when active online.

10 December 2019

2019 Theme ‘Youth Standing Up for Human Rights’

Lunch @ Digital Rights House

An update was given on the status of the digitalrightshouse.org movement.

Digital Rights Dinner

10 December - Dine and discuss digital rights! It is Human Rights Day.

International Smart City Business Forum

Digital Rights House in Barca! It was great to moderate the panel on digital rights on the main stage.

Digital Rights Drinks

We hosted the Digital Rights Drinks on November 19th. Thanks to all for joining the fun!

30 jaar Kinderrechtenverdrag

The team participated in the (Y)our Rights Festival - Unicef. Important steps.

Digital Rights Discussion - Electric Cars edition

8 November and 21 November we held discussions on electric cars in the city and person data.

Digital Rights House Kids - Opinion Studio

11 November we took the Opinion Studio to a next level.

Digital Rights House lab session

15 November - Job van der Knaap, design student, was invited to support participants of the lab session. Together a video animation was made for sharing the message of 'Privacy'. Digital Rights House lab session gives creatives a platform to make something together worth sharing for the good.

Digital Rights House lab session

Another great moment.

Kids on (rules for) Internet in Daily Life

Kids shared their thoughts on daily life online.

Interact. Value: XL

During Interact. Value: XL (1-15 November) awareness for digital rights was raised.


Digital Rights & Amsterdam

We created a special section on the Digital Rights House online platform for the city of Amsterdam. https://digitalrightshouse.org/amsterdam