'Put people first in the digital world'


@EuroDIG (20 June in Trieste)

@Pakhuis (19 May in Amsterdam)

Time for action!

Taking initiative: State of Digital Rights

The State of Digital Rights initiative to be announced soon.

Taking initiative: Helpdesk for citizens

We have started with our research project on 'What is a Helpdesk for Citizens?'. In the next couple of months we are actively exploring how citizens can be heard best when it comes to wrongdoings when active in today's digital world.

Stimulating dialogue in a Digital World

Digital Rights Talk is a Digital Rights House initiative. We gladly invite you to check out the special communication space for all our talks and opportunities to get in on the fun. 'Making waves together'

Taking initiative: Digital Rights Day

Every day is Digital Rights Day of course. On 10 December however, we 'celebrate' this special moment locally for all citizens.

Welcome Amsterdam!

We gladly announce the partnership between the Municipality of Amsterdam and Digital Rights House Amsterdam.

We are open for cooperation!

We need to speed up the efforts to ensure basic human rights in today's more and more connected society.

Taking the dialogue further

Example: Digital Rights Talk #1 (In Dutch)

"We urgently need a better foundation for digital human rights in our society."