Welcome to the Digital Rights House Lab.

To create initiatives that advocate, educate and stimulate empowerment.

'You have digital rights when active online.'

Digital Rights House is entering into a new phase. With the aim to create awareness for the need of a better foundation of our 'digital rights' in today's society, which all individuals can rely on when active online, we had a busy first year with all types of initiatives ranging from sessions inviting students to translate basic human rights into shareable content to the development of the CityShare concept enabling cities to share specific insights on what worked and did not work for them in relation to digital rights topics. We were on the podium during the Smart City events in Barcelona and we hosted loads of drinks and discussion dinners not only for networking but also for the flow of insights and ideas. The Digital Rights Expo was created and we took our first steps in organising a research process. We are currently developing a concept for something we call the Digital Rights Experience and because 2021 is around the corner we might even surprise you with a physical (pop up) location.

In other words, we are truly an active lab. In the new phase we are in we will professionalise our research and launch a number of Digital Rights 'products'.

Curious? Feel free to reach out to Jake Blok.