We invite you to join the ARTiCORONA challenge. The world is very battled by COVID-19, the Corona virus. The Dutch government is now thinking of a special Corona app to protect your health. They want to know more about you, so that they can see if you have been near someone with the Corona virus. But what about your privacy? Do you want to give up a bit of your private life? Make your voice heard! What is your wish when you think of Corona in relation to your privacy?

Join the challenge and make two masks your own

Colour or craft the ‘ARTiCORONA - Corona mask’ and the ‘ARTiCORONA - Privacy mask’ in a way that suits your sense or mind. And write a bit about your own wish.

The ARTiCORONA Collection

We will make a collection from all the masks we will receive. A shareable will be created. Stay tuned.

Make your voice heard in three steps

  • STEP 1: Download the 'ARTiCORONA Challenge Masks' below.
  • STEP 2: Start colouring or crafting and make them your own.
  • STEP 3: Share your creation with us! Join now


The ARTiCORONA Challenge has started with the first inspiring mask-creations.

On 21 May the ARTiCORONA Challenge was launched on 'World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development' of the United Nations. Specially on that day the ARTiCORONA Challenge wanted to celebrate the international and national legislation on the protection of rights and fundamental freedoms, which defines artistic freedom as social and economic rights of artists. A very actual theme we believe!

We want to challenge cultural organisations, artists, children and citizens through the ARTiCORONA challenge. Our goal is to raise awareness of the digital rights related to the Corona virus. We believe that artists and children in particular can create and express their own stories about their online digital rights related to the Corona virus.

The start of the ARTiCORONA Challenge was very inspiring. We received the first contributions from participants. Thank you for joining us.

We will collect the different mask-creations and personal stories of all participants. So more to come. Stay tuned.